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Supporting Children After Separation (SCAS)

The Supporting Children After Separation (SCAS) program provides a safe space for children to express, explore and understand their thoughts and feelings about their parent’s separation. SCAS:

  • is for children aged 5–18 years old
  • is individualised to the child’s circumstances and needs
  • assists children to adjust and cope with their parents’ separation
  • helps children with the changes and challenges associated with separation
  • facilitates children in feeling confident to participate in decisions impacting on them in relation to the separation of their parents
  • provides helpful strategies to manage emotions and distress.

What the service can help with

Familial exclusion
Family violence
Mental health
Suicide or self-harming behaviour
Violent behaviour

How the service is delivered


Services are available for

Unaccompanied Children
Accompanied Children

Cost of service

At cost to client

Fees charged according to client capacity to pay

Is a referral required?

No referral required

Regions covered


Contact Details

20 Clare Street New Town,TAS 7008

1300 364 277

Focus Domains



Being loved and safe

Being healthy