THS - Child Health and Parenting Service

Parenting Centres

Parenting Centres provide targeted support for a range of parenting presentations including early intervention related perinatal mental health and post-natal depression, breastfeeding, sleep and settling, developmental support or other parenting questions related to early childhood (0-5 years). Parenting Centres are staffed by Child and Family Health Nurses with referral to other services if clinically indicated.  
The Child Health and Parenting Service (CHaPS) can be contacted on 1300 064 544 between 8:30am – 5:00pm Monday – Friday for information about the nearest parenting centre and services available.

What the service can help with

Mental health
Personal safety against all forms of abuse, neglect or exploitation
Physical health
Social and emotional development

How the service is delivered

Information, Advice and Education
Support Services

Services are available for

Accompanied Children
Parents and Carers

Age eligibility for children

0 - 5

Cost of service


Is a referral required?

No referral required The Child Health and Parenting Service staff will make contact with the mother after receiving birth notification (birth notifications serve as referrals) after the birth of the child. Any parent can self refer by calling the 1300 064 544

How do clients access the service?

Client responsible for transportation to service
Home visits can be provided

Regions covered

North West

Contact Details

Various sites statewide

1300 064 544

Focus Domains






Being loved and safe

Having material basics

Being healthy