Kin Raising Kids in Tasmania Inc.

Kin Raising Kids Tasmania Inc.

For all kinship carers in Tasmania.

KRK (Tas) will work to have its vision realised by:

  • Establishing a kinship care network across Tasmania  
  • Representing the collective views of kinship carers, including grandparent kinship carers, to decision makers
  • Raising public awareness of the pressures and advantages of kinship car
  • Referring kinship carers to a range of services relevant to their needs
  • Plus, advocate for informal kinship carers within the State.
  • Located on the NW Coast in Gawler, Tasmania. 7315
  • Service is available 8.30-5.00 weekdays, with an after-hours contact number for urgent referrals.

What the service can help with

Legal information and/or support
Social and emotional development
Social exclusion

How the service is delivered

Support Services

Services are available for

Parents and Carers

Cost of service


Is a referral required?

No referral required

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Focus Domains



Being loved and safe

Having a positive sense of culture and identity