Karinya Young Women’s Service

Karinya Young Mums’n’Bubs Program (KYM)

Karinya Young Mums’n’Bubs program (KYM) provides intensive case management and accommodation to young pregnant women, young mums and dads in Launceston, Tasmania aged between 15 and 19 years of age.

Priority will be given to those who have limited family support and are homeless or at risk of homelessness. The young people who are referred will undergo an initial assessment to assess their eligibility for the program. This assessment will be based on age, circumstance and support needs.

Once a young person is accepted into the program a case plan will be developed in conjunction with a case manager to determine support needs and goals. Case plans will be continually evaluated so client’s goals and plans can evolve and progress. The KYM case managers will liaise with other service providers and facilitate case conferences to ensure that the client’s needs and goals are being met.

A key focus for all participants is the development of links with education and training opportunities. At the core of the program is the provision of medium to long term accommodation. When a property becomes available, the eligible young person is supported through the tenancy process including lease sign up, maintenance expectations, and payment processes. The KYM workers can assist them with tasks such as power and gas connection, obtaining furniture and setting up their unit. Education and support around basic living skills are key to supporting clients to maintain stable accommodation. Exit planning is a critical part of the case plan and will be different for each participant. Some clients may need the full two years of support, while others may need less.

As our program is unique we are able to be adaptive and responsive to each individual client’s needs and requirements. A client who has exited from the program will have the skills, knowledge and information to access alternative support and services in the community.

What the service can help with

Education, including provision of education and programs addressing exclusion
Familial exclusion
Family supports
Financial information and/or support
Housing and homelessness
Personal safety against all forms of abuse, neglect or exploitation
Physical health
Sexual and reproductive health

How the service is delivered

Case Management
Coordination of Services
Information, Advice and Education
Support Services
Provide Intensive, wrap-around support to young parents

Services are available for

Accompanied Children
Parents and Carers

Age eligibility for children

0 - 19

To access the service, clients

Must have a child or be pregnant.

Cost of service

At cost to client

Fees charged according to client capacity to pay

Is a referral required?

Housing Connect, Hospitals, CU@Home Caseworkers

How do clients access the service?

Client responsible for transportation to service

Regions covered


Contact Details

03 6334 8403



Focus Domains






Being loved and safe

Having material basics

Being healthy