Hobart City Mission

DIY Dads (Live-in parenting program)

DIY Dads is a live-in program that provides eight self-contained units for single dads with either full or part time care of their children, who have custody barriers due to a lack of appropriate accommodation.

The dads can be any age, and are able to stay at the DIY Dads program for up to two years. Each resident dad is taught skills that can assist them in living independently in the community.

In addition to accommodation, the program provides engagement, advocacy and self-guidance to help develop confident and capable single fathers, as well as building confidence in the child. The aim of the program is to transition into independent living in the community.
Please note that paticipants are required to pay rent for this accommodation with the exact amount determined by their income.

What the service can help with

Alcohol, tobacco and other drugs
Education, including provision of education and programs addressing exclusion
Employment, transition, mentoring, training
Family supports
Housing and homelessness
Mental health
Social and emotional development

How the service is delivered

Case Management
Coordination of Services
Cultural and/or Recreational Activities
Information, Advice and Education
Support Services

Services are available for

Accompanied Children
Parents and Carers

Age eligibility for children

0 - 17

To access the service, clients

Must be male

Cost of service

At cost to client

Fees charged according to client capacity to pay

Is a referral required?

No referral required

How do clients access the service?

Client responsible for transportation to service

Regions covered


Focus Domains






Being loved and safe

Having material basics

Being healthy