THS - Child Health and Parenting Service


cu@home is a sustained home visiting program offered to young first-time parents 15-19 years of age.
The program commences in the antenatal period and provides child health assessments and support for parenting at regular intervals until the child's second birthday.  The goal of cu@home is to provide parenting advice and support to young parents, and an equitable start to life for infants of young parents.  
The program has limited capacity for travel and is therefore restricted to young women living within 30 minutes’ drive of urban areas within Tasmania.  Referral to the program must occur prior to 32 weeks gestation (in the antenatal period)

What the service can help with

Employment, transition, mentoring, training
Physical health

How the service is delivered

Information, Advice and Education
Support Services

Services are available for

Accompanied Children
Parents and Carers

Age eligibility for children

15 - 19

To access the service, clients

Must be female
Mother must be socially isolated, pregnant with her first baby and have other risk factors (e.g lack of support, financial difficulties, mental health problems).

Cost of service


Is a referral required?

"Requests for service can be received from any source and at any stage prior to 32 weeks gestation so long as the potential client has agreed to the request. Clients are not accepted to the program until the 3rd trimester (around 28 – 30 weeks) and after the c u @ home Clinical Meeting decides the program will be offered. "

How do clients access the service?

Home visits can be provided

Regions covered

North West

Focus Domains






Being loved and safe

Having material basics

Being healthy