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CREATE Your Future

The CREATE Your Future (CYF) program supports young people aged 13-25 on their transition from care to independence.
The CYF program consists of a series of workshops which are centred and designed for the 7 life domains, with an additional workshop which focuses on participation.

A core set of competencies are targeted including effective communication, critical thinking, informed and responsible decision making, creative thinking, self-awareness, and interpersonal relationship skills in order to enhance the ability for flexible and positive behaviour that enable young people to live independently. The workshops also enable young people to competently enter a highly competitive job market, manage their finances, and maintain health.

The CYF program is supported by:

CYF Website
For young people leaving care, is an informative and resourceful rich website that includes links to support services, leaving care plan and covers a wide range of life areas to assist young people transitioning from care. The website focuses on seven key areas; identity, relationships, finding a place to live, health, finances, education and employment and general living skills.

Grant Scheme
The annual Grant Scheme enables young people who are members of clubCREATE to reach their full potential. In the past, grants have been provided for the purchase of laptops, driving lessons, educational resources and accommodation and living expenses.

GYOW Info Kit
Our Go Your Own Way (leaving care) Info Kit is a resource for young people aged 15 and above who are starting to plan for their transition to adulthood and independence. The kit is filled with resources and information to assist the planning process and provide caseworkers, young people and carers with the information they need to plan for a successful transition.

What the service can help with

Employment, transition, mentoring, training
Familial exclusion
Family supports
Financial information and/or support
Housing and homelessness
Legal information and/or support
Mental health
Personal safety against all forms of abuse, neglect or exploitation
Physical health
Reducing offending behaviours
Social and emotional development
Social exclusion

How the service is delivered

Cultural and/or Recreational Activities
Information, Advice and Education
Support Services

Services are available for

Unaccompanied Children

Age eligibility for children

13 - 24

Cost of service


Is a referral required?

No referral required

How do clients access the service?

Client responsible for transportation to service

Regions covered

North West

Contact Details

32 Church Street North Hobart,TAS 7002

(03) 6223 7749

Focus Domains







Being loved and safe

Having material basics

Being healthy



Having a positive sense of culture and identity