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Vacation care program

Starting Point Neighbourhood House

Starting Point Neighbourhood house located at 6 Prossers forest road Ravenswood runs a vacation care program during the school holidays (apart from the Christmas holidays).The program is for children aged 5- 12.Opening at 9.00am and closing at 3.00pm, three days a week.The program's itinerary changes each holiday but mainly consists of visiting fun venues such as the museum, kids fun centre, roller skating and in-house activities as well.The Program costs are: $20 per child per day and the child must bring their own food and drink for the day....

Velocity Transformations

Pathways Tasmania Inc

Velocity Transformations is a residential rehabilitation program for men and women focusing on helping people recover from addiction and other life debilitating issues. The program does not allow care givers to be accompanied with children not participating in the program. The program is a 12 month program and targets specific needs by introducing group sessions and practical teaching on issues such as: conflict resolution, communication skills, identity and self worth, life skills, literacy and numeracy skills, workplace ethics, discipline and boundary setting. The program does not cater for clients who require accomodation along with their children. The program houses residents...

Volunteer Family Connect (VFC)

Save the Children

Volunteer Family Connect is a volunteer home visiting program. This service works by linking trained volunteers with a parent who has identified as needing extra support. Volunteers can help parents adjust to a new baby, with multiple children, assist parents to overcome feelings of isolation and frustration, or other issues that can overwhelm mums and dads....

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