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Oakleigh Accommodation Services

Salvation Army

Oakleigh Accommodation Service provides supported crisis and transitional accommodation for single men and women aged 21 and over; and families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Service delivery is based around an intensive case management framework that is focused on pathways out of homelessness and the safety and well-being of people experiencing family violence....

Out Of Home Care

Life Without Barriers

Foster Care is needed when children in our community, aged 0-18 years, are unable to live with their own family and need another family or person to live with and care for them. These people are known as Foster Carers.Life Without Barriers works with Foster Carers to provide a safe and stable home life to children in care on a short or long-term basis. Foster Carers work in partnership with caseworkers, specialised support staff within Life Without Barriers, as well as the child or young person and where possible, the child’s family....

Out Teach Mobile Education

Save the Children

Out Teach Mobile Education employs a teacher to work with young people who are disengaged from education. The teacher develops individualised education plans to build on the young person’s strengths, helping them realise their educational goals. By utilising a mobile classroom, students can engage in outdoor and informal settings encouraging hard-to-reach learners. We work with young people in high school and young people progressing towards vocational training....

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