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Anglicare Tasmania

To deliver alcohol and other drug treatment services where there is coinciding mental illness and/or risk of homelessness or the person is between 12 and 18, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples....

Annie Kenney (AK) Young Women’s Emergency Accommodation

CatholicCare Family Services

AK provides crisis accommodation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to young women aged 13- 20 years who are experiencing homelessness or who may be at risk of becoming homeless. Short-term supported accommodation of up to six weeks is provided to respond to the needs of young women.AK focus on developing life skills, providing advice and information, advocacy, case management, and referrals to appropriate support services to address a young persons identified needs.AK support the reconnection with immediate family, build relationships with extended family members or where appropriate, support transitioning into long-term Independent accommodation outcomes....

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